Wildlife Garden Project - The first plants arrived!

Hello Everyone!

I'm happy to announce that on the 1st of April the first plants for my garden transformation arrived! (No, it's not a joke ;) ). They were smaller than I expected, but they seem to have survived the transportation quite well.

The plants arrived on the 1st of April (Click right) © Earth.Life.You

About 5 minutes after unpacking the plants, the first bee discovered the new blossoms and drank from them eagerly! Since then the plant has been visited quite frequently. This really encourages me in my project! I felt rather guilty after destroying the sparse growing grass to set up the patch for the new plants. I even tried to save a few of the plants growing there, like the only daisy in my garden, by replanting them at other locations. I hope they survive! But to see insects drinking immediately from the new plants lets me know it's worth it!

First bee drinking from one of the new plants © Earth.Life.You

So we cleared out the grass and then put in the new earth, a lot of new earth actually... Then we put in the plants. Because of the COVID-19 situation, it is rather hard to come by any garden materials. Some of our new plants need to be put in with more earth so we need to build a small high bed, but with the stores closed and only a few delivery services available it was nearly impossible to get wood for the bed borders. At first, we put the plant in a pot and thought we had to wait until the stores would eventually reopen.

Setting up the new patch and saving my only daisy © Earth.Life.You

But then I talked to a few friends about my problem and behold a friend of a friend offered us a few logs of deadwood from his property! Thanks again! Today I got the logs and in my opinion, it looks even better than the wood you normally get for bed borders. It's much more suited for a wildlife garden, don't you think? And it didn't cost us anything. If life gives you lemons... you know the rest. :D

New patch including high beds with deadwood borders © Earth.Life.You

Sadly this patch isn't complete now. Two different types of plants are missing in the rear corners. Since the delivery of the plant shop worked so well I decided to order all the remaining plants for my garden now. They should arrive by the end of next week! But for now, I want to introduce you to the plants, I received on the 1st of April.

Mahonia: It is an evergreen plant that originally comes from North America, but is found in Europe for quite some time now and has integrated itself rather well. Furthermore, it is very popular with insects. We have one of them now.

Yellow blooming Mahonia © Earth.Life.You

Goat's Beard: This plant is spread all over the northern hemisphere and especially butterflies and moths like to visit it. They can grow up to 1 meter in height. At the moment we have two of them in the garden, but they are extremely small yet. If you want to know how they look fully grown, click here.

Very small Goat's Beard. Red signs so I won't step on them © Earth.Life.You

Poscharsky's Bellflower: She is an evergreen, frost-resistant plant which originated in the West Balkan, but has been cultivated nearly worldwide for a long time now. Its blue blossoms are blooming and feeding insects from late spring until late autumn. For now, we have 15 of those little flowers, but more will come. If you want to see them in a blooming state than click here.

Poscharsky's Bellflower needs to grow a little too © Earth.Life.You

Working in my garden in these strange and worrying times helps me a lot to get focused again and to ease my mind. Additionally, it puts me in a good mood. At the moment, I love nothing more than just to sit in my garden and observe everything that is living here. One of the greatest benefits of working from home! I really need to be careful not to get sunburned :).

Last night, our little mouse, I call her Mona now, seems to have been visited by a fox or some kind of marten. I will tell you all about it in my next post. It feels a little bit like a garden thriller... stay tuned!

Have a nice day and as always: stay home and stay safe!

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