The First Adventure of Mona the Mouse - New Home!

Hello Everyone!

I decided to tell you a little bit about the mouse which is living in my garden. We call her Mona. Probably there will be a few stories about her since it would be too long to put all the stories I can tell you in only one blog post. Today, I want to share with you the first adventure of Mona the mouse. These little stories are based on my observations of Mona. Stefan and I are watching her for almost three years now. Since a mouse's life expectancy is about two years, it is quite possible that she is not the original mouse anymore. Furthermore, I don't have a clue if she is actually female, but I always picture her that way... (not quite sure if this can be considered sexist, so just in case: male mice are just as valuable to have in the garden ;) ). Anyhow, Mona represents all the mice I encountered over the years in my little garden. The overall frame of the stories you are going to read is based on real events, other things are out of my imagination. So, let me show you life through a mouse's eyes. Mona's eyes! (At least how I imagine it.)

Little Mona. Isn't she cute? © Earth.Life.You

It was a bitterly cold night as I scurried from one corner to the next, desperately looking for a place I could rest, at least for a little while. My last home has been destroyed two days ago. An extremely loud bussing noise woke me in the middle of the day and the earth below me and the tree above me began to shake. Panicking, I ran to the exit but then a strong smell entered my nose, letting me freeze on the spot. Humans! Directly in front of my exit whole. Not knowing what to do I stayed motionless and tried to think of a way out, while the world around me continued to shake violently. After a while, the noise stopped as suddenly as it started and the world stilled around me. Now I could hear the humans outside. There were at least two of them. The roots seemed to be undamaged and luckily the earth had only crumbled a little inside my den.

Then there were a buzzing sound and again vibrations but this time I could hear the wood cracking above me and all of a sudden I was blinded by sunlight. Only after a moment, I realized that the roots above me were gone. Just gone! I started running, running for my life. I had no idea in which direction I was heading I just ran and hoped I would find someplace to hide. It has been like this ever since. Of course, I came down a little. Only a little. Actually, I started thinking of where I was going again. But I couldn't find a decent place to hide for hours now. Everything was made of some kind of weird smooth stone and there were barely any plants around. A very strange place...

I turned another corner and saw a passage between the stone floor and a weird shiny thing. Suddenly, the smell of plants filled my nose again, so I hurried through the gap and on the other side was grass and a little bit further even some bushes. Finally! I ran to the bushes, immediately relaxed to be out of sight for a change. I found a few leaves to hide under and, exhausted, fell asleep almost immediately as I laid down.

The passage and our courtyard © Earth.Life.You

Hunger woke me up. It was late in the evening now, I must have slept all day. Carefully, I started exploring my surroundings and searched for insects. Luckily, I found a few between the dead leaves. I walked along under the cover of the hedges. The way these hedges grew, was rather odd to me. I've never seen the same kind of bush grow in a straight line like this before. I followed the hedge until it ended on an extremely steep stone wall. At least it looked that way but it smelled nothing like a stone. Before the wall stood some kind of box, but there was a small space between it and the wall. It was just enough space so I could still turn around easily. Slowly I walked in. On the ground were a lot of dead leaves, it looked rather cozy. I walked a little further and there was a small space between the box and the ground. It was dry, sheltered and no sign of any predators around. The perfect place to build a nest! So I started collecting leaves to settle in my new home!

Mona's first resting place and the black box she built her nest underneath © Earth.Life.You

One day, I lay lazily in my nest. It must have been a few weeks later, the weather was sunny and the spring-scented air was warm. I have settled in quite well in my new home. The area around was relatively quiet, except for the occasional cat, big bird, and one or two humans as well. At first, I was worried when out of nowhere a human appeared next to my dent. It even looked like it just stepped out of some kind of transparent wall! But it didn't seem to smell me and after a while, it stepped back into the wall. Such strange creatures, humans... This happened a few times and it never seemed to notice me, but every time the air smelled like seeds afterward.

It took me a while to figure out that the human was filling his storage in it's hiding place. One day I saw it putting seeds away in some sort of bag far above the ground. You can think of humans what you want but you've got to admit they are pretty smart. A few hours after the human left I cautiously went nearer to the food storage. There had to be a way to get to this food...

Mona in front of her den, while I was writing her story only a few meters away © Earth.Life.You

I hope you enjoyed Mona's first adventure and if you curious how her story continues, just follow this blog. I'm sure there are more little stories of Mona to come. ;)

Happy Easter by the way!

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