Wildlife Garden Project - Delayed plans due to COVID-19

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being so inactive on this blog lately, but the COVID-19 situation flustered my day to day life quite a bit, as I'm sure many of you are experiencing right now too. Writing my blog was not my main concern, and if I tried I was quickly distracted. As the universities are now closed in Austria and I was asked to work from home for the foreseeable future, I will probably spend a lot of time researching for my blog and working for my garden project. In the end, the biodiversity crisis is still going on regardless of COVID-19.

First bee I've seen in my little garden in 2020 © Earth.Life.You

So what's going on with my garden project? After researching natural gardening for my university project I came across the organisation "Natur im Garten" (Nature in Gardens). This organisation is working in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland to inform and encourage people to make their gardens more natural again. If you want to learn more, just click here.

On their website, you can also find landscape planners and gardeners, who work along with the principles of natural gardening. Victoria Lintner from "Naturnahe Zaubergärten", which translates to natural-like magic gardens (unpaid advertising), was one of the listed landscape planners. I contacted her about two weeks ago. We had a nice long chat over the phone about the current situation of my garden and how I want to change it and why. As I already wrote in my previous blog post I want a natural/wildlife garden, which provides insects with nutrition and shelter and doesn't need a lot of tending to.

I sent her a lot of pictures and a plan with all the necessary measurements of my garden. Then again it was time to wait... Patience, one of my best qualities ;)

This is how my little garden is organised right now © Earth.Life.You

And again a few impressions of my little garden.

Well and then the corona situation happened in Austria. Last Tuesday I got an Email from the landscape planner informing me that my garden plans were ready and she will mail them to me. Sadly the plans haven't arrived till today. Most certainly because of the COVID-19. It is absolutely understandable, that delivering mail is not the first priority in this situation and all companies were probably uncertain how to act on Friday. So I'm not trying to blame anyone here! I wrote to Mrs Lintner on Friday and she was so kind as to send me part of the planning folder digitally (not the whole planning folder is digitally available).

Layout of my little wildlife garden © Naturnahe Zaubergärten

Since I already knew that the stores would be closed on Monday I hoped to get what I needed for my garden project on Saturday. In the end, Stefan and I decided to wait with the remodelling of the garden. We want to enjoy this work and not stressfully buy everything before the stores close and may get infected with COVID-19 in the progress... Even though it would have been nice to work in the garden during this lockdown. But this situation needs us all to be patient and calm.

So please stay at home and healthy!

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