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Who am I? Well, that's a legitimate question, but hard to put in words, for me at least. But I will give it a go!


My name is Alexandra, I'm in my late twenties and I was born and raised in Vienna. Animals and nature and how everything is connected have always been fascinating to me and I love being outside and explore. In the last couple of years, I felt the urge to do something to help protect our natural world.


I would describe myself as a passionate, loyal, and caring person. I have an opinion and fight for what I believe in. But I also strive for harmony.  Sometimes I can be a little bit crazy and laughing is definitely the best medicine.  I think a lot and, sometimes, probably even a bit too much. Photography is one of my biggest hobbies. In a way, you can show people your perspective of the world with your pictures. So almost every picture you see on this page was taken by myself.


Thankfully, I have a great, big family and Stefan, my husband who always encourages, supports, and sometimes challenges me in my opinions and actions.  He is also responsible for some photos I use on this website (whenever you see me in a picture you can be pretty sure he took it ;) ). You may ask yourself why I don't show my face in any pictures or stories. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with my face, I guess. The simple answer is, I enjoy my privacy. Furthermore, I don't want to promote myself but show people what can be done to help save biodiversity.


As a daughter of airline staff, I had the amazing opportunity to travel the world from a very young age. Seeing the world educates you in a way nothing else can. It helps to put things in perspective and it only increased my love for nature. I do realize now what a huge carbon foodprint I surely have caused because of my years of airplane travel. I can't change my past actions, but I decided to plan my future travels as sustainable as possible. For example, Stefan and I traveled to and through Sweden only by train and bike last summer.


Currently, I'm studying a master's degree in spatial planning and, additionally, I work half time. I changed my field of study from architecture to spatial planning because I wanted to be more actively involved in creating change towards a more sustainable system. I had the feeling that spatial planning would give me a bigger opportunity for doing so since you are constantly asked to look at the bigger picture of how a project or an altered use of an area influences its surroundings. During my first semester of studying spatial planning, I came up with the idea of Earth.Life.You. If you want to know how this all started and what I'm trying to accomplish with this website I recommend you read my first blog entry.

Why do I write my blog in English? Well, English is a universal language and the language of science. I want to reach as many people as possible and hope to show you international as well as local projects. That is why I choose to write my blog in English. Since English isn't my native language I hope you will forgive me if my texts aren't always grammatically correct. Maybe I will add a German section for the website as well. 

I hope you have a bit of a feeling now of who I am and where I am coming from. If you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Have a nice day,